Goal setting: A masterclass with Dr. Ana Pineda

Last week, I have had the immense pleasure to host a masterclass about goal setting with Dr. Ana Pineda from the blog I focus and write. You can now watch the replay. In addition to providing excellent advice, Ana happens to be a bundle of joy. You’re going to love her!

Don’t wait too long to watch this video though; it will only be online for a few weeks.

What is the masterclass about?

Many of us have a set of goals that we want to achieve. But often, these goals are too vague, cannot be tracked, and are forgotten! Not to mention that keeping yourself motivated along the process is an art. In this class, Ana shares her mindful process to:
– Get clear on what you need to be working on to reach your goals.
– Break big goals into tangible steps you can plan.
– Learn a few tricks to increase your chances of reaching what you have set your mind to.

Who is Ana?

Ana Pineda, Ph.D., is a scientist, certified yoga instructor, and founder of I focus and write, an all-in-one resource to help scientists write their papers, get things done, and have a productive, creative, and happy academic life. Her blog, free masterclasses, and online programs combine her passion for a new mindful approach to academic life with more than 15 years of research experience at top European Institutions.

Ana’s work has been published in the journal Nature, and she has given talks at Oxford University and the British Ecological Society. She now lives in The Netherlands, where you can find her walking on the beach, doing yoga, or eating pannenkoeken with her husband and two children.

Learn the craft of goal setting


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Do you feel inspired to set new goals?

That’s wonderful! Inspiration is essential to keep us going, BUT IT’S NOT ENOUGH! If you really want to improve your productivity, you need to make a plan of action right now.

Take the first step and write down your goals below in the comments below. As Ana explained, the simple act of writing your goals increases by 42% the chance of their realization.

Interested in more productivity tips?

You will find many resources on A Brilliant Mind to improve your productivity, such as this post on procrastination and fear of failure, this one on how to make the most of your time, and many more.

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